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I'm probably going to be quite inactive for the next half year (yes, even less active then the last half year), because I'm doing an academic year (I think that's the word I mean. Basically I'm spending half a year in another country and go to school there).

Anyway, I hope you'll all have a great year 2015!!!!!
You watched Percy and Jason fight the giants.

On one hand you wanted to help them, but on the other one you were actually glad that you weren't – up in the emperor's box you were safe and if you'd been down in
the arena, you wouldn't have been anything but a hindrance anyway.
So you just watched, still weak, but getting stronger with every moment.

You asked yourself why the god wasn't helping them. He was an enemy of the giants, too – didn't he cared if they won?!
You got angry at him. Still, you were actually really scared of him -the feeling of power around him confused you.
If you thought too long about your anger, you'd probably attack the god or do something similarly stupid.
Instead, you focused on the fight again.

Suddenly a shadow felt over you.
A ship, a flying ship, descended from the sky. I was built in an ancient greek style, made out of wood and bronze.

You had seen it before and even – like everyone back at Camp Half-Blood – helped to build it:
The Argo II.

The ship fired at the arena.
Jason and Percy ducked as the explosion rocked the Colosseum.

The giants were nearly knocked out by it.

The lares cheered as the ship landed.
You saw Leo standing at the helm, along with two other teenagers you didn't know.
One of them was a tall asian looking boy. You guessed he was about 15 or 16 years old.
Next to him stood a smaller girl. She was pretty, with dark skin and hair. She seemed to be a bit younger than the boy. They must have been from the other camp, from the romans.
Coach Hedge, the satyr who was send to surveillance the demigods, stood at the firing platform.

Percy yelled something at the emperor's box you wasn't able to understand. The god disappeared and you saw him appear again down in the arena. He walked to the edge of the lake, which suddenly dried out. He raised the thing in his hand- you suddenly remembered it was called a thyrsus.

The crowd jeered and hollered. You saw how everyone of them pointed their thumbs down.
The god smacked the giants head. The corpse turned into dust. As the ghosts screamed even louder he walked to the second giant.
He tipped him on the nose and the giant crumbled to ashes.

The lares threw confetti at the god who stood there as id he had just saved every single person on earth.

You, Nico and Piper got up and, leaning on each other, climbed down to the arena. You were able to walk slowly, but you were in no shape to run or even fight anything.

The cheering crowd had disappeared and everything got quiet in a sinister way.
You still heard noises from the outside , cars and lots of people – after all Rome still was a modern city, but it all seemed damped.

The fake mountains and animals turned into mist and it quickly looked like just a  bunch of ruins again.

As you came closer to Jason and Percy you noticed that the crew of the Argo II had also joined you.

'Well', said the god. 'That was fun. You have my permission to continue your voyage.'
'Your permission ?' Percy snarled.
'Yes. Although your voyage may be a little harder than you expect, son of Neptune.'
'Poseidon' Percy corrected absently. 'What do you mean about my voyage?'

The god ignored him and turned to you. 'And you, my dear.. I'm sorry, but you have to go back.'
'Back where?' you asked angrily. Who was he to decide about your life?! 'And why?'
'You are powerful, daughter of Kronos.'

You noticed how Percy looked sharply at you, gripping his sword tighter.

'But your time here is over.' the god continued. 'The camp will need your abilities soon, but you'll have to recover first.'
'How will I get there?' you asked. 'I will send you'.
'What about Nico ?'
'He has another quest to pass.'
You wanted to argue, but stopped. After all, that was a god you were talking to.

You turned to Nico.
'You will hurry, OK?'.
He smiled. 'Sure.'
'If not' you said, 'I will come and get you out of whichever mess you're into then.'
'I know'.

He laid one hand on your cheek and leaned closer. You closed your eyes as your lips met.
His were, as before, cool, but they seemed to be closer to your temperature. You laid one hand around his neck as Nico held you at your waist and pulled you even closer to him.

Suddenly you remembered how many people were watching you and you blushed.
You took a step away from Nico.

The god cleared his throat. 'Are you ready then?'


You and Nico held eye contact.

'y/n' he said.

'Goodbye', you whispered. 'See you soon'

You still looked into his dark eyes when he and everything around you started to fade.
You closed your eyes when you felt the floor disappear.

Shortly afterward, you felt that you sat on a sandy ground.

You opened your eyes and looked at a nightly beach.
You were back at Camp Half-Blood.
Hearing the waves break at the shore, you stood up and walked towards the cabins.
Nico di Angelo x Reader Chapter 16
And here it finally is..... the last chapter!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the story :) !!!

Please leave comments!!




I didn't get much feedback on this chapter, but I decided to make it the last one, because I didn't really saw a way to continue the story with Nico on his journey to Greece/back to CHB while the persona stays at CHB.... in the end it probably would have been HoH / BoO just from a different perspective....
Just wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas, or Chanukka or whichever religion you're part of!

I hope you all have holidays at the moment and enjoy them as much as I do (a.k.a. : don't really do anything ;P )

BTW, I watched the first season of Supernatural :) .The show is really great and considering it's online popularity I'd guess some of you have watched it... Well, I'll order season 2 and keep watching!
back again :)

Well, on the positive site, I found out why I had all the problems with my PC.
On the negative site it turned out that I have a trojan virus on my PC.

I'm able to use the internet, because I have two profiles and I'm currently unsing the second one.

Now I just have to get a good anti virus software.....

Anyway, I hope that you're all alright :) !
The whole Colosseum was filled with shouting and cheering people, all wearing roman clothes. Most of them were male, wearing togas or just tunics. They actually (erschienen) very alive, until you looked a bit closer at them. They were flickering from time to time, getting shortly invisible. They were lares, house ghosts, most of them long forgotten. One last time, they had been assembled- if to see the giants being defeated or to see Rome burn, you didn't know.

You sat where the emperor had sat- the VIP lounge. It was closer to the actual arena than most of the other places, and still that far enough away that you wouldn't get any sand or dirt on your clothes- or bloodstains. Here the lords of Rome had sat and had watched the dying of thousands beneath them.
Just overlooking everything made you feel exhausted again. You just wanted to crawl into a nice deep hole in the ground, sleep and never wake up again.

Instead, you looked around to see who would be on the emperors lounge, too. Next to you sat Nico.  He seemed to be as tired as you felt, though he definitely looked better than just a few minutes ago.
On your other side sat Piper. A women in a nurse's uniform tended her shoulder. Her skin had a greenish tone- she was a nymph.
A few steps away stood a man. He was wearing purple ropes (actually it seemed to be the colour of grapes). On his head, he wore golden laurels. He looked like a reincarnation of a roman emperor.
There was a feeling of power around him, but insanity, too. If you looked too long at him or if you angered him, he'd drive you mad.
He seemed to be the very same presence you had felt earlier.

And he seemed to be a god.
Considering the fact that he had got you out of the giants reach and seemed to care about you, you decided to trust him- for the moment.

You looked down in the arena. Now it looked like it was still in use- the ground was covered in sand, there were fake mountains and animals and a small lake.

The giants were standing there, and facing them were Jason and Percy Jackson.
Nico di Angelo x Reader Chapter 15
OMG, I needed sooo long until I uploaded it and I'm really really sorry >.<.......

Anyway, I know this is rather short and I actually just wanted to update this story and leave a note that I'll leave out the fight 'Percy & Jason vs. Giants' because I don't really want to type of a few pages and I guess you have all read MoA by now...

The next chapter will come within the next few days (I promise!).

Please leave comments :) !


I'm probably going to be quite inactive for the next half year (yes, even less active then the last half year), because I'm doing an academic year (I think that's the word I mean. Basically I'm spending half a year in another country and go to school there).

Anyway, I hope you'll all have a great year 2015!!!!!


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